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Transglobal Underground: Dreams Of 100 Nations CD-Cover: Transglobal Underground CD-Cover: Transglobal Underground

Die Pioniere der Global-Fusion: Transglobal Underground, die seit Anfang der 90er Jahre traditionelle Klänge aus Afrika, dem Orient und Asien mit modernen elektronischen Klängen verbinden und durch ihre sich wechselnde Besetzung auch immer wieder unterschiedliche Einflüsse verarbeiten.

Für mich waren Transglobal Underground der Einstiegspunkt in die Global-Beats-Weltmusik-Welt. Sie gehören definitiv zu meinen Lieblingsbands. :-)

Ihr zuletzt veröffentlichtes Album ist Impossible Broadcasting, in Großbritannien erschienen im April 2004. 2006 gab's das Remixalbum dazu.



Im Folgenden werden einige der Veröffentlichungen von Transglobal Underground in chronologischer Reihenfolge detailliert aufgeführt.

Dreams of 100 Nations (Album)

Transglobal Underground: Dreams Of 100 Nations
Dreams of 100 Nations

Album, Nation Records, 1993


  1. Temple Head
  2. Shimmer
  3. Slowfinger
  4. I, Voyager
  5. La Voix Du Sang
  6. El Heddud
  7. This Is The Army Of Forgotten Souls
  8. Sirius B
  9. Earth Tribe
  10. Zobie'ites
  11. Tutte Grande Discordia
  12. Hymn To us

Die Musiker des Albums

Goldfinger Man-tharoo (Tablas/Pakhabaj), Natacha Atlas (Voice), T.U.U.P. (Voice), Bad-Sha Lallaman (Voice), Neil Sparkes (Voice/Darubuka), Zahrema (Voice), Avtar S. Lota (Dilurba), Tery Neale (Human Cuica), Queen La Cuica (Voice), Aki Nawaz (Out-of-time Percussion), Larry Whelan (Clarinet), Sherrif (Voice)

Die Musik wurde geschrieben von: Alex Kasiek, Tax D, Hamid Man Tu, R. Harris, G. Duncan, Natacha Atlas, Neil Sparkes, D. Muddyman, A. Ali, I. Matharu, HN Qureshi und/oder Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Transglobal Underground sind auf diesem Album: Alex Kasiek, Hamid Man Tu, Count Dubulah und anyone else whoever they are, wherever they are!!

International Times (Album)

Transglobal Underground: International Times
International Times

Album, Nation Records, 1994


  1. Lookee Here
  2. Taal Zaman
  3. Dustbowl
  4. Jatayu
  5. Holy Roman Empire
  6. Monter Au Ciel
  7. Tromba Marina
  8. Temple Head
  9. International Times
  10. Sumeria
  11. Protean
  12. Ana
  13. Topkapi
  14. Pirhana One Chord Boots
  15. Chaldea
  16. Dopi

Die Musiker des Albums

Natacha Atlas (vocals/zils), T.U.U.P. (vocals), Neil Sparkes (vocals/dharabuka), Larry Whelan (midi shwan/clarinet), Queen La Cuica(backing vocals), Satin Singh (tabla/dhol/congas/percussion), Not Mad Jym (percussion monster), Heitham Al-Sayed (vocals/rap), Essam Rashad (string arrangement/violins), Billy Jenkins (guitar electrique), Bob Collins (voice/everything known), Amanda De Grey (samples/programming), Zahrema (voice), Musicians & Police Force Of Gumti.

Interplenatary Meltdown (Remix-Album)

Transglobal Underground: Interplenatary Meltdown
Interplenatary Meltdown

Remix-Album, Nation Records, 1995


  1. International Times (Lionrock Kick Da Flavour), remixed by Justin Robertson
  2. Lookee Here (Dread At The Controls), remixed by Dreadzone
  3. Slowfinger (Delta Ladies Night Mix), remixed by Kris Needs
  4. International Times (Haunted Dance Hall Mix), remixed by Sabres Of Paradise
  5. Rasa Bliss (Grotus), remixed by Transglobal Underground
  6. Earth Tribe (Earth vs. Technology Mix), remixed by The Drum Club
  7. Temple Head (Isis Mix), remixed by Youth
  8. Temple Head (Burundi Mix), remixed by Transglobal Underground & Aki Nawaz
  9. One Day Old (Headbutt), remixed by Transglobal Underground
  10. Zombie'ites (Laughing Gravy Mix), remixed by Transglobal Underground

Psychic Karaoke (Album)

Transglobal Underground: Psychic Karaoke Transglobal Underground: Psychic Karaoke Transglobal Underground: Psychic Karaoke
Psychic Karaoke

Album, Nation Records, 1996


  1. Chariots
  2. Mouth Wedding
  3. Bullet Train
  4. Lexicona
  5. A Tongue Of Flame (Unidentified Flying Dubplates Mix)
  6. Ancient Dreams Of The Sky
  7. Good Luck Mr. Gorsky
  8. Eyeway Souljah
  9. Boss Tabla (Full Length Mix)
  10. Scully
  11. Psycho Karaoke (Mangasouk Mix)
  12. Daughter Of The Desert

Rejoice Rejoice (Album)

Transglobal Underground: Rejoice Rejoice
Rejoice Rejoice

Album, Nation Records, 1998


  1. A Nice Little Fish Business and Making Money
  2. Delta Disco
  3. Thousand Year Heat
  4. Body Machine
  5. Imperial Hippy
  6. Rude Buddah
  7. Air Giant
  8. Ali Mullah
  9. City Of Gold
  10. Chemnitz
  11. Shining Iron Face
  12. Son Of Thingdrum
  13. Sky Giant

Die Musiker auf dem Album

Die am Album beteiligten Musiker sind: Kalman Balogh (cimbalon flourish), Auntie Horror Film (Fanfare), T.U.U.P. (lead vocal, sandpit memories, eldorado vocal), Hamid Man Tu (drums, kettle drums, chief hagglers), Errol Blues Daddy Linton (vocals, harmonica), Johnny Kalsi (dhol, tabla), Garsaaidi (darabuka), Attia Ahlan (sentir, saz), Coleridge (lead vocal, monolithical vocal, helium chant), Sheema Mukherjee (sitar), Larry Whelan (sax, warped sax, clarinet), Laszlo Major (violin, violin loop), special guest star John Chancer as the 22nd Century Man, Bapi Das Baul (lead vocal, dubki, khammak), Pete Lockett (tabla), Natacha Atlas (lead vocal, short wave radio), Jo Neale (backing vocals), Tim Whelan (backing vocals, chief hagglers), Istvan Nagy (vocals, guitar, mandolin, spoons, milk churn, oral bass), Ferenc Balogh (vocals, guitar, mandolin, spoons, milk churn, oral bass), Kalman Balogh (cimbalon), Musafir (Hameed Khan (tabla), Barkat Khan Langa (vocal, sarangi), Sattar Khan (harmonium, papang), Bachu Khan Langa (vocal, kartal), Mahabub Khan (vocal), Fayaz Khan (dholak), Murad Khan Langa (double flute, morchang)), Doreen Thebokile Webster (xhosa vocal), Sam Sam The Bongo Man (congos, shaker, hooligan chant), Aki Nawaz (as himself), Alex Kasiek (guitar), Sheikh El Atlas (speech), Pete Lockett (taiko drums), Terry Neale (drums), Nelson Dilation (hooligan chant), Virtual Dave (hooligan chant), The Dhol Foundation (Johnny Kalsi, Dips and Gurjit (dhols))

The Department of Culture waren: Count Dubulah, Essam Rashad, Neil Sparkes, Paul Tipler.

Die Musik wurde geschrieben von: Hami Man Tu, Alex Kasiek, T.U.U.P., Coleridge, Natacha Atlas, Errol Blues Dadde Linton, Bapi Das Baul, Hameed Khan, Doreen Thebokile Webster und/oder HN Qureshi.

Backpacking On The Graves Of Our Ancestors (Retrospektive)

Transglobal Underground: Backpacking On The Graves Of Our Ancestors
Backpacking On The Graves Of Our Ancestors

Retrospektive, Nation Records, 1998

From 1991-98, Transglobal Underground have been a catalyst for a movement, bringing traditions and sounds from everywhere, old and new, absorbing the music and making sure we feel it. Across five albums, they made full use of the old 'east meets west' cliche but transformed it all into something universally understood - experimentation that appeals to an audience as wide and diverse as the music itself - not many can lay claims to such an achievement.

This movement, this mutiny from the norm, is still unchartered territory and this album is evidence of that. The tracks created many years ago sound as relevant now as they did then, maybe because people didn't understand the musical journey; now, they have no excuse.

To say this is a 'best of...' would be boring and incompetent: this is a celebration of music and the freedom of positive creativity.

Stop watching the sky - it's in your bedroom. (and yes, there are new tracks on the way)

by someone, somewhere.

Mike Willox at Loungescape, Dave Yowell at Sultan Sound & Transglobal Underground [aus: CD-Booklet]


CD 1

CD 2

  1. Temple Head
  2. Taal Zaman
  3. I, Voyager
  4. Shimmer
  5. Mouth Wedding
  6. Boss Tabla (Radio Edit)
  7. Sirius B
  8. Nile Delta Disco (Blue Gedida Remix)
  9. Dustbowl
  10. Ali Mullah
  11. Dopi
  12. Chariots (Radio Edit)
  13. Monter Au Ciel
  1. Temple Head (Burundi Beat Mix)
  2. Lookee Here (Dreadzone At The Control)
  3. Psycho Karaoke (Manga Moon Mix)
  4. Body Machine (Badmarsh Remix)
  5. International Times (Fun<Da>Mental Remix)
  6. Kashmiri Falooda
  7. Slowfinger (Delta Ladies Night Remix)
  8. Eyeway Souljah (Hardknox Toxic Remix)
  9. Kintamani (Hanoman's Forest Mix)
  10. Khan
  11. This Is The Army Of Forgotten Souls
  12. I, Voyager (Transmigration Mix)

Yes Boss Food Corner (Album)

Transglobal Underground: Yes Boss Food Corner
Yes Boss Food Corner

Album, Ark 21 Records, 2001


  1. Drums Of Navarone
  2. Spellbound
  3. Scorch
  4. Bhimpalasi Warriors
  5. Pomegranate
  6. Woodward Avenue
  7. Step Across The Edge
  8. London Zulu
  9. Secrets & Distant Dreams
  10. One Of Our Dholakis Is Missing

Die Musiker auf dem Album

Transglobal Underground sind: Coleridge (rap, djembaye, ackee & saltfish), Sheema Mukherjee (sitar, king prawn in chili sauce), Hamid Man Tu (drums, low band-width backing vocals, Tom Yum Hed), Gurjit Sihra (dhol, dholak, profiteroles), Doreen Thobekile Webster (vocals, mouth harp, vegeterian paella), T.U.U.P. (vocals, congos, pepperpot), Tim Whelan (keyboards, guitar, vocals, salmon & cream cheese bagel)

Die Tracks wurden geschrieben von Alex Kasiek, Hamid Man Tu, G. Duncan, Doreen Thobekile Webster, Coleridge, Sheema Mukherjee und/oder Tax D.

Zusätzlich beteiligte Musiker waren: Johnny Kalsi (dhol, tablas), Khammak (chant), Bapi Das Baul (chant), Medhat Abdel Samie (violin), Hani Farahat (violin), Mahmoud Osman (viola), Emad Taha (cello), Khaled Rico (dharabuka), Errol Blues Dadde Linton (harmonica), Joe Sax (saxophone), Aref Devesh (tablas), Isis K (lo-fi vox), Tim Garside (dharabuka), Keith Clouston (oud)

Impossible Broadcasting

CD-Cover: Transglobal UndergroundCD-Cover: Transglobal UndergroundCD-Cover: Transglobal Underground
Impossible Broadcasting

Album, Mule Satellite Records, 2004.

Transglobal Underground melden sich 2004 endlich mit einem neuen Album zurück, nachdem es im Sommer zuvor bereits zwei neue Tracks zu hören gab. Bisher wurde das Album nur in Großbritannien veröffentlicht, was sich zu gegebener Zeit jedoch noch ändern soll.

Wie fast schon gewohnt, entstand das Album sehr transglobal - die Tracks wurden in London, Sofia, Budapest, Paris, Prag und Kairo aufgenommen. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Trio Bulgarka und Yanka Rupkina entstanden die Tracks Isis K und Stoyane/Male-Le- in Sofia, klingen folglich auch sehr bulgarisch, was zu dem derzeitigen Balkan-Trend sehr gut passt. Bulgarischer Frauengesang über Drum'n'Bass- und TripHop-Beats. Eine weitere Kooperation gab es mit der Rap-Crew Tatapound aus Mali, die im Track Cikan - Le Message resultierte. Insgesamt bleiben TGU sich ihrem Sound treu: Tribal Beats, Electronica, ein bißchen Drum'n'Bass, transglobale Melodien und Musiktraditionen.


  1. 7-5
  2. The Khaleegi Stomp
  3. The Sikhman And The Rasta
  4. Drinking In Gomorrah
  5. Isis K feat. The Trio Bulgarka with Yanka Rupkina
  6. Yellow And Black Taxi Cab
  7. Cikan - Le Message feat. Tatapound
  8. Take The A Tram
  9. Radio Unfree Europe
  10. Sentinel
  11. Stoyane/Male-Le- feat. The Trio Bulgarka with Yanka Rupkina
  12. Vanilka

Die Musiker auf dem Album

TUUP (vocals), Sheema Mukherjee (sitar), Doreen Thobekile (backing vocals), Gurjit Sihra (dhol), Hami (drums, keyboards, programming), Tim Whelan (keyboards, programming), Ferenc Balogh (vocals), Krupa Pattni (vocals), Jo Sax (baritone sax), Trio Bulgarka (vocals), Tatapound (vocals)

Impossible Re-Broadcasts

CD-Cover: Transglobal Underground
Impossible Re-Broadcasts

Remixalbum, Mule Satellite Records, 2006.

Wunderbare Remixe zwischen Trance, Drum'n'Bass und Downbeats liefern Alex Kasiek, Kamel Nitrate, DJ Rocca, Thievery Corporation, 5th Suite, S.M.O.K.E., DJ Disorientalist, Genetic DruGs, The Dolphins, Halftones, Al-Yaman und Saltgrass zum 2004er Album Impossible Broadcasting. :-)


  1. The Sikh Man And The Rasta (Alex Kasiek Remix)
  2. Yellow And Black Taxi Cab (Kamel Nitrate Remix)
  3. Drinking In Gomorrah (additional production & remixed by DJ Rocca)
  4. The Khaleegi Stomp (Thievery Corporation Remix)
  5. The Sikh Man And The Rasta (5th Suite Remix)
  6. The Khaleegi Stomp (S.M.O.K.E. Remix)
  7. Take The A Tram (DJ Disorientalist Remix)
  8. Radio Unfree Europe (Cold War Echoes Edit) (von Genetic DruGs)
  9. Sentinel (The Dolphins Remix)
  10. Drinking In Gomorrah (Halftones Remix)
  11. The Sikh Man And The Rasta (Al-Yaman Remix)
  12. Stoyane/Male-Le feat. The Trio Bulgarka with Yanka Rupkina (reimagined by Saltgrass)


CD-Cover: Transglobal Underground

Album, Mule Satellite Recordings, 2007.


  1. Dancehall Operator
  2. Moonshout
  3. Emotional Yoyo
  4. Awal
  5. Total Rebellion
  6. Swampland
  7. Cape Thunder
  8. Mera Jhumka
  9. Border Control
  10. Elena
  11. Spice Garden
  12. Quit Mumblin'
  13. It's A Sitar
  14. Mag Ak Ndaw