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House Of Drums

Sin Palabras: House Of Drums
House Of Drums feat. Tambor de Firmin & Proyecto F, Album, Piranha Musik, 1998.

Cuba used to have rum, salsa, tobacco and the most beautiful girls in the world. Now it has all of these and a style of music fit for the year 2000: A mixture of house, Yoruba voices and Cuban percussion.

Sin Palabras creates a melange of styles which surely promises to cause a Big Bang in Cuba's musical scene. This is the Havana, which the local radio stations with their hyped up salsa mixes will never show. The Africanism of traditional Santerķa, the strong Yoruba chants underpinned by turntables and keyboard, all backed up 2 virtuoso Cuban percussionists, El Teacher and El Charangero... a hot for sure!

For this recording Sin Palabras invited the Santerķ cult percusionists and singers of Tambor de Firmin to come in, and play the ancestral rhythms of the Afro-Cuban tradition. The 20-year olds from Proyecto F - who perform at all Rap Cubano events in Havana - joined in for a special session to honour Oshun, the deity of love, beauty and diplomacy...

Welcome to the House of Drums! Listen to the music, and never stop dancing: El ritmo cubano nunca muere!

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Orisha Dreams

Sin Palabras: Orisha Dreams
Orisha Dreams, Album, Globe Music, 1999.


Sin Palabras: Km0
Km0, Album, Auvidis / Work in Progress / Sin Palabras, 2002.