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Badmarsh: Differences EP Shri: Drum The Bass CD-Cover: Badmarsh and Shri: Air I Breathe (MCD) Badmarsh and Shri: Dancing Drums Badmarsh and Shri: Dancing Drums (US-Cover) Badmarsh and Shri: Signs Badmarsh and Shri: Signs (MCD1) Badmarsh and Shri: Signs (MCD2) CD-Cover: Badmarsh and Shri: Get Up (MCD) Vinyl-Cover: Badmarsh and Shri: Swarm (12Inch) Shri: East Rain Shri: East Rain Shri: East Rain

Asian Beats aus UK zwischen Drum'n'Bass, Tablas, indischer Klassik und Bollywood-Sampling – entweder solo von DJ Badmarsh und vom Multiinstrumentalisten, Komponisten sowie Produzenten Shri oder als Duo Badmarsh & Shri.

Shri: East Rain
Shri a.k.a. Shrikanth Sriram


Shri: Drum The Bass

Album, Outcaste Records, 1997.

Shris Debütalbum.


  1. Meditation
  2. Camels
  3. Village By The River
  4. Trains
  5. Inside Outside
  6. Camels (Instrumental)
  7. Before The Rain
  8. Bombay
  9. Maybe But Not Really
Badmarsh: Differences EP

EP, Timewarp, 1997.

CD-Cover: Badmarsh and Shri: Air I Breathe (MCD)
Badmarsh & Shri: Air I Breathe

MCD, Outcaste Records / Tommy Boy Music, 1998.


  1. Air I Breathe (Guy Sigsworth Remix)
  2. Air I Breathe (Nitin Sawhney Remix)
  3. Air I Breathe (Niraj Chag Remix)

Vocals & Lyrics: Tina Grace.

Badmarsh & Shri: Dancing Drums

Album, Outcaste Records, 1998.

Das Debütalbum des Duos: a journey through a startling and eerie musical landscape (The Guardian), a blinding big beat tabla 'n' bass combination (Mojo).


  1. Dancing Drums
  2. The Asian Detective
  3. Gharana
  4. 130 Steps
  5. The Air I Breathe
  6. Lament
  7. Mathar
  8. Parallel Crossing
  9. Interlude
  10. Disturbed Synapses
  11. Salsa Gharana
Badmarsh & Shri: Signs

Album, Outcaste Records, 2001.

Das Erfolgsalbum des Duos...


  1. Signs
  2. Swarm
  3. Get Up
  4. Mountain Path
  5. Day By Day
  6. Soaring Beyond
  7. Sajanna
  8. Tribal
  9. Bang
  10. The Last Mile
  11. Appa
Badmarsh & Shri feat. UK Apache: Signs

MCDs, Outcaste Records, 2001.

Tracklisting (MCD 1):

  1. Signs (Radio Edit)
  2. Signs (Album Version)
  3. Signs (Bonobo Mix)

Tracklisting (MCD 2):

  1. Signs
  2. Signs (Dom T Remix)
  3. Get Up (Live Version)
Badmarsh & Shri feat. UK Apache: Get Up

MCD, Outcaste Records, 2001.


  1. Get Up (Faithless Remix Radio Edit)
  2. Get Up (Radio Edit)
  3. Get Up (Faithless Remix Instrumental)
  4. Get Up (Badmarsh & Shri Mix feat. MC Milos)
Vinyl-Cover: Badmarsh and Shri: Swarm (12Inch)
Badmarsh & Shri feat. JC 001: Swarm

12", Outcaste Records, 2001.

Swarm is the first cut from the Badmarsh & Shri album Signs. Swarm epitomises their relationship to perfection. Badmarsh, with 10 years DJing & programming under his belt, handles the beats, the twisted soundscapes. Shri, classically trained bassist, flutist & tabla player, drives the track on with the toughest of basslines, piercing tabla stabs and haunting bowed bass sounds. For toughness check the Outlaw Remix.



  1. Swarm
  2. Swarm (Outlaw Remix)
Shri: East Rain

Album, Drum The Bass, 2005.

Nachdem sich (erst einmal) Badmarsh & Shri als Duo von der Musikszene verabschiedet haben, ist nun Shri wieder solo unterwegs, bringt sein zweites Solo-Album nach Drum The Bass heraus und bewegt sich doch in ziemlich guter Tradition des Badmarsh & Shri-Sounds. Vielleicht jedoch noch besser als Signs...


  1. Appa2 — feat. T.S. Sriram (sitar) with Michael Feltham (trombones) & Craig Wild (trumpets)
  2. Heavy World — feat. Kathryn Williams (main vocal)
  3. East Rain — feat. Ravi 'Rags' Khote (main vocal)
  4. Lifecycle
  5. Tarana — feat. Gayatri Iyer (main vocal)
  6. Di Floris — feat. Michele Drees (main vocal)
  7. Watching feat. Hema Jani (main vocal)
  8. Mela — with Michael Feltham (trombones) & Craig Wild (trumpets)
  9. Ethni-City
  10. Strange
  11. A Piece Of Peace
Shri: East Rain

MCD, Drum The Bass, 2005.

feat. Ravi 'Rags' Khote (main vocal)

East Rain has inherited the legacy of Badmarsh & Shri's mix of the gritty beats and dirty bass lines that come from western city environments, and the panoramic funk, and melancholic soundscapes of classical Indian musicianship. The new single features the original deep & dark album version backed up by a mellow mix from Mike Spencer. Shri contributes a multi layered & hypnotic instrumental mix and to cap it all there is a classic DJ Badmarsh mix that see's he old team back in drum & bass cahoots.



  1. East Rain (Original Album Version)
  2. East Rain (Mike Spencer Remix)
  3. East Rain (Shri Mix)
  4. East Rain (DJ Badmarsh Remix)
Shri feat. Kathryn Williams: Heavy World

MCD, Drum The Bass, 2006.


  1. Heavy World (Radio Edit)
  2. Heavy World (Bomby Street Wedding Band Mix) feat. The Zirad Village Wedding Drummers
  3. Heavy World (Shri Mix)